Monday, June 15, 2020


Hey boys and girls it looks like summer is going to be stopping by this Wednesday and staying for at least the weekend.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The jalapeno bites from Burger King are fire.
2. I am hearing conflicting reports of outdoor dining being either over crowded and getting kicked out or the total opposite and everyone gets to stay for hours.
3. Chinese food hits just right when that's what you want.
4. When do you have to quarantine? When I leave the state and come back? If I'm visiting? I'm so confused. Any help?
5. I know we are in covid 19 and protest season but can we stop all the fire works? I'm not sure we need those going off at 3 am.
6. If a real life Transformer showed up tomorrow would anyone even bat an eye?
7. If you were sitting there thinking have Chrissy's balls shrunk? The answer is no. If anything they are larger.
8. Who wants to go halfsies on a boat?
9. So mask fatigue is a thing now.
10. Do you guys have nosy neighbors? Me either.
11. Anyone hear from Mark Welch? Kids been MIA since golf courses opened back up.
12. Are movie theaters a thing of the past now?

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