Monday, June 8, 2020

Billy Currington

I am pretty sure he said it best - " is good and people are crazy. "

 A couple of cold beers can bring people together. Let's start handing out beers and making new friends, swapping stories and life events, getting some perspective and input in to what makes us tick as humans.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The longer my hair gets the more people have to say something about it.
2. Fucking Martell never having root beer shots or a grilled cheese in his life is absurd.
3. Blow me is a perfectly good retort when someone says something you don't want to continue having a conversation with.
4. That fucking rain on Saturday was insane.
5. I am not sure what beaches Governor Baker has been too since this shit started but no one is wearing masks on the beach.
6. I do not understand how people love the Eagles so much.  Take your hotel California and shove it up your ass.
7. You didn't hear this from me but Joey is having another pig roast on July 11th.  Get your sides ready.
8. Now that we are onto Phase 2.1 what are you looking most forward too? Where y'all gonna be eating at?
9. Fucking NH not giving a fucking shit and just basically going from 0 - dry humping in terms of opening up is the NH we all need. Live free or die!
10. Jeffrey's fence is finally in and done.
11. I recently read that Italy believes this Covid-19 has mutated to a weaker strain.
12. What week are we on in this self isolation/quarantine? 13 or 14? Time seems to be flying by.
13. Not really sure if I am going for the Tim Allen in the Santa Clause look or Kurt Russell in the Christmas Chronicles. Either way a younger Santa is my current look.
14. I have a feeling that 30 and 36 packs just aren't enough now, Budweiser is gonna start rolling out a 50 pack.

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