Monday, April 27, 2020

Is it over

Can someone please let me know when this is all over? I just want to stay in bed with the blankets over my head until I can go back outside.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. People flooding the Boston 311 line snitching on people being outside and not wearing masks is just silly to me.
2. I got Dairy Queen and the first one of the season just hits so good.
3. Heaven forbid you cough or sneeze anymore.
4. 15 beers in 3 1/2 hours is not too bad during Corona self isolating quarantining.
5. Has anyone seen Chrissy? Dude is too busy to snap?
6. Joe Martell just buying an 11 foot long Weber grill is such a Joe thing.
7. The rum is done love.
8. When do the beaches open up?
9. I have never had so much lunch variety at work - Uber eats, door dash, caviar and even a fucking taxi all delivered.
10. 1 year olds are like Energizer bunnies.
11. What do you miss most during this?
12. Jeffrey out here with the Peleton. Kids gonna look fire.
13. The NFL draft was good television.
14. Julie Nickerson is alive, just had her 1 year anniversary with her Beau.

I'll see you guys soon. Drinks on me!

1 comment:

Grillo said...

It's April 27th. How are you just going to Dairy Queen for the first time? My treat next time while we look at some houses.