Monday, November 20, 2017

My favorite week

This is my favorite week of the year. Everyone is happy, lots of people only work 2-3 days this week, everyone drinking Wednesday night and both Thursday and Friday are holidays at work ( double - double time and a half).

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. When drinking Jeffrey has his shoes shined up there is no slowing him down.
2. Stranger Things 2 was meh.
3. Justice League was pretty good, the inner comic book nerd in me has many questions but for a super hero movie it is good.
4. This weather is crazy.
5. I am looking forward to the first snow storm of the season.
6. The Wrentham outlets are beyond chaotic.
7. If Thanksgiving isn't in your top 2 of holidays then you have problems.
8. Everyone knows that when I hug I grab ass. Known fact.
9. Even running into Stop and Shop for a few things costs you $50.
10. Rude people, eventually karma will catch up to you.
11. The SST Braintree is where it's at on a Sunday.
12. But if you go out to watch football on a Sunday and the bar has the NFL ticket then not every television should be on the Pats game (I can stay at home to watch that).
13. Guess who bought 6 tickets to the Kentucky Derby? Section 226?
14. I had no clue they made turkey stock in a can. All these years I have used chicken.
15. Any time you can connect with old friends you should.
16. Make sure you text me with what you want for Christmas. Whitley Claus is on the loose.

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Unknown said...

thought justice league was okay.