Monday, May 9, 2016

Less than 2 weeks away

The pub crawl is approaching fast, only 12 days away. If anyone wants to buy a shirt beofre the day of the crawl or if anyone wants to buy a shirt to support cancer research let me know and we can meet up.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Slow Sundays suck.
2. Captain America Civil war was good but not as good as the Winter Soldier.
3. Cucumbers are a fruit.
4. O.A.R. will be coming to Boston in August, anyone interested in going?
5. Pastrami pickles, pickle spears wrapped in pastrami then battered and deep fried, sound way better than they actually taste.
6. I am glad this rain stopped, I mean my back yard looks like a jungle.
7. I hope Rio made it back from New Orleans alright. Kid must of lost his phone because I haven't heard from him in days.
8. What is your go to snack (besides pop corn) at the movies? I usually go with Reeces pieces.
9. Anyone know any cheap painters? I know a guy looking to have some shit painted.
10. Its common to order a large pizza and a back up large steak and cheese sub, right? I mean that's what my co-worker did. Told me that he can't risk it!
11. I am hearing micro fracture surgery for the angriest blogger I know.
12. It is never a quick lunch when meeting Chrissy.
13. Ordering beers based on the look of the tap handle is not the best idea.
14. Drinking anxiety is a real thing. I mean I just get black out drunk and hope for the best but hey thats not everyone.
15. Hangover free Sundays...try it!
16. I am not a fan of maple flavored bacon.
17. Calnan believes that breakfast is not an essential meal for the day and it was made up by cereal companies.
18. Has anyone heard from Jason Foley??

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