Monday, March 14, 2016

Luck of the Irish

This whole spring forward has got me twisted. Up at 5:30, which is really 4:30 but did I go to bed at 10 or 11?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Joe Martell is back and working.
2.Who knew there was such a huge MS pub crawl in Quincy every year?
3. Can you really beat $3.00 22 oz Coors lights?
4. I got all my contacts back in my phone, so I feel like I have already won Monday.
5. Chrissy is getting snipped on Thursday so anyone who wants to stop by his house Friday for some drinking just hit him up.
6. I bumped into Dan Madden and a bunch of people from Weymouth on Saturday, Dan is doing well.
7. Calnan was rehabbing his ankle and now he isn't; he was due back to work and now he doesn't know. I do know one thing though he has a girl and seems to be happy.
8. You know spring is coming when people start mowing lawns and buying lawn furniture.
9. Is there any movie that Steve Sweeney wont do? He pops up in any Boston movie.
10. I know that snap backs are all the rage right now but where do velcro backs fall?
11. The Scituate St Pattys day parade is Sunday, man I love me a tank!
12. It is national Pi day. I could fuck up some pie right now.

Till next week.