Thursday, February 18, 2016

Who needs money

I got this email today. I have no idea who would actually take one of these seriously but what the hell. Should I write back?


I wish you a very pleasant day. 

My name is Miss. Celine Karman; I am from Ivory Coast. I am 24 years single girl student. I am an orphan; I want to relocate to your country with my inherited funds worth of $3.5 million dollar which I inherited from my late father Mr. Fabrics Karman, who died of poisoned in 21 July 2015 which was suspected to be his junior brother that killed him so he can take over all his wealth. I decided to transfer this money out of this country for investment purpose and continuation of my education, I don't want to stay here in my country again because, am afraid of my uncle who is so wicked to me. So my dear this is my reason for contacting you so you can help me to transfer the money to your account so I can comes to your country to settle down and continue my education while you help me to invest the money. 

Please after the transfer I vow to give you 30% from the money for helping me out. 

I wait your urgent response. 

Miss. Celine Karman.

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