Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sorry Not Sorry

I am not going to apologize for being on vacation. I am not going to apologize for not blogging. I do not know how many times I have to say this but when I am on vacation I am not going to use a computer. I mean were you not entertained by Paddy "Chief Blog Ruinner" Calnan's  rants?

This is what I learned while being away.
1. We raised $740 for Dana Farber Cancer institute. I have 38 shirts left if anyone wants a second or just wants to contribute.
2. The Stars golf tournament is where it is at - breakfast, golf, lunch at Toscas, prizes and drinks at Stars. Well done.
3. When does Calnan do his pro Olympics to Boston campaign?
4. I got caught up so I didn't make it to the Chipman Family pig roast but I heard they raised $7,000 for his moms scholarship with over 250 people showing up. Kudos Jebby and the whole Chipman clan!
5. Welchie is working on purchasing a place in Braintree.
6. What the fuck Bruins? These moves are all garbage!
7. What the shit Celtics? Do we need another fucking guard?
8. Has anyone heard from Hong Kong Dave? I mean doesn't him and his wife usually visit in the summer?
9. Sometimes a vacation means staying home and doing (finishing) projects.
10. Random Thursday bar hopping with Chrissy is highly recommended.
11. Have you had the chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches from Trader Joe's? Fucking get on that!
12. Lauren Brady kind of (REALLY REALLY) hates animals. She don't care for your fucking pets bro! Fuck your cats, fuck your dogs, fuck your turtles, fuck your fish and fuck your baby porcupines.
13. Maybe it is just because you get used to it but after people shave their mustaches off they look weird - Chrissy, Mario and Jeffrey I am looking at you.
14. Always good to see Timmy Barrett, who is more than half way done with the police academy.
15. Jeffrey has a man crush on Little Jay.
16. I am officially off the book of face again and probably will never go back ever. 
17. 9th Annual Mustache Pub crawl - Yes or No? Change the month? Change the location?
18. Fucking Mike Foley driving to and from North Carolina so he has his car here is amazing to me!
19. Looks like Mario's bachelor party is coming together. Right now it is Saratoga for a weekend in August. Will probably end up being Hooters and the Golden Banana.
20. Everyone knows that they light bon fires on the beach in Quincy on July 3rd, well guess who lives 6 houses from one of those bon fires. THIS GUY! Thats a good reason to have an afternoon cookout, right?
21. Did you know part of the reason Paddy Calnans rants may be so angry is because he is sober as a judge right now as he cuts weight.
22. Snap chat kills my fucking phones battery like a champ.
23. Mikey and Lizzie Layden are having a baby boy, due in late November.
24. Charles V Grillo also does land surveying if you are in need of that. I do not know the price but if you mention drunknothings website he will give you 10% off.

I hope you all have a great and wonderful 4th of July!

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