Tuesday, June 2, 2015



Look I know I'm the new guy and i'm essentially writing on a South Shore rag sheet but, can I level with everyone I WAS SECRETLY ESTATIC WHEN BRADY GOT SUSPENDED.

My reasoning is simple. I like football. The sport. I'll watch anything up to an including high school, hell if I didn't hold a grudge against Pop Warner (too fat to play) I'd prob watch that. That being said If your a fan of the game of football you should hate the far majority of every Patriots fan you come across.

Why? Because essentially they stopped being fans of the game of football essentially around 2003. And morphed into pompous hypocrites who resemble a late 90s/ early 2000s Yankees fan more then anything. Let me elaborate with some stone cold facts.

1.) If they were such great fans, wouldn't Pats home games be a little more entertaining? Don't get me wrong any excuse to slug beers in the morning is great but, ever been to one of these things? 1st and foremost it's a Kraft money grab the minute you walk onto their property. The game itself, a morgue like environment compared to 95pct of other stadiums in the U.S. of A. God forbid you drop an F Bomb in front of that Hingham Mom and her kids Trevor and Chad. You better believe security is getting called.

2.) The following statement " Belichick is an asshole, I hate him but, he's a genius". Not saying some assholes aren't geniuses. History is full of them. But if he's the leader of the greatest sports dynasty of all time don't you think he should get a break on his mood? No because the typical Pats fan is so use to getting sunshine blown up there ass from Brady they demand to have it all! ( but fuck Pete Carroll he's too happy)

And genius. Anyone ever bother to understand anything he does? No because it's not about football ITS ABOUT WINNING. Let me explain briefly for you. He rips other coaches off. Chiefly college coaches ( you know that inferior product Pats fans refuse to watch). Messing with eligible non eligible receivers? Taken from Saban/Lane Kiffin at Bama. The Pats foray with hurry up and quick screens. Notice all started after Chip Kelly (Oregon) visited the Pats around 2008.

3.) The following statement "Bob Kraft is a great guy". No, no he's not. Your first hint is should of been he's a Billionaire. What Billionaire ever made Billions being a great guy? Answer: No one. His wife dies within milliseconds grouting around with some 23 yr old. "Yea but good for him". No not good for him. Be sneaky about it. Because guess what your granddad pulls that he's a scumbag, either that or embrace being a bad person full force like Jerry Jones. Basically Kraft could shit in your living room and the typical Pats fan would rationalize it well at least he didn't piss too right but class act. Class Act. And if I can pop another balloon. If you think he didn't have some clue what Hernandez was up to your a moron. You think they have some moral code? The Patriot Way? Go Wikipedia there recent signing Fred Davis. Gold Medalist in OUI and Domestic Assault

That all being said. Guess what I still watch the games. Yea know why I'm a football guy.  But I secretly wish the entire time the asshat Die Hard Pats Fan from Quincy with the Mayo Jersey gets railed by an 18 wheeler walking out  of Buff Wild Wings.

Please let the reaction to this be bad. I just crapped all over you people's identity (essentially all of Smiddys). 


Anonymous said...

Hi Deegan !! Missed u. Hope your next article is about the philly fans

DWhit said...

Calnan such anger!

Anonymous said...

Listen Calnan you pussy whipped motherfucker. Your comments on this blog hold no validity. Your girlfriend doesn't even let you watch football. You two are too busy watching one of those housewife shows or Martha Stewart. Next time you want to write something make sure it comes from you and not your girl! #calnanshasnoballs