Monday, September 8, 2014

Lets roll

I am so glad that football is back. Something to watch all day Saturday and all of Sunday.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Never knew Roslindale was 15 minutes from Quincy.
2. I am not all that good at the Can Jam.
3. Sometimes a nice night chilling on your couch is the best thing.
4. Has anyone see Calnan rocking his Michael Sam Cowboy jersey?
5. What is better bar pizza - Cape Cod Cafe, Emmas, Town Spa or the Linwood Cafe?Dont even bring up Santarpios.
6. I have tried the almond milk in my iced coffee. It aint good.
7. Why is it you text Smiddy all week long and he gets back to you maybe once? You know that mother fucker is reading all them messages.
8. What is worse, as an adult, an ear infection or a tooth ache. Either way im crying like a bitch.
9. Running a mile under 12 minutes makes ya feel good.
10. Four  fantasy leagues may be wayyy too many. Like at least 2 too many.
11. I can still not make gravy, to this day. Everytime I try its nasty as fuck.
12. Chrissy started a Biggest Loser Challenge at work. He started 2 weeks ago and weighs in on Monday afternoons. Initial weight - 253.4 and the 1st weigh in was 248.8(last week). I will update it each week so that we can show our support.
13. How come none of you twerps helped Mario with painting his new house? Hope you arent invited to his first BBQ.
14. What is worse than craving a certain food - Chinese food, Mexican food, KFC or anything and then after you eat it you feel so dissatisfied?
15. The 1st supper club of the year was a success. What should be make for next week?
16.Grumpy Whites no longer carries onion rings. So there is no longer a reason to go there.
17. Only 30 days till hockey season but who is counting?
18. Rio has started his PLAYOFF BEARD ALREADY!!(Im sure he will have to shave it off for Cataldos wedding).
19. This new voice to text feature is something. I can literally tape what I want to say and send it along - WATCH OUT WORLD!
20. If you are gonna have a party, make sure you get Tim Barrett on the list. He can and loves to cook up a storm. Dude brought home made kettle corn to Devitos house warming party.
21. Mike Foley is living the high life down in North Carolina.
22. I can not wait for the Fall weather. It makes me happy.

That's all I got for now.


Anonymous said...

The best bar pizza is poopsies in pembroke, hands down

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