Monday, September 22, 2014


It is the first day of Fall. You bitches know that I love the Fall season. I hate all the pumpkin everything but I love this season.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Apparently Kanes donuts in Saugus is where its at.
2. Calnan is sober, carb free and quite miserable.(Still hasn't had a weigh in for the weight challenge).
3. Chrissy gained 1.8 pounds in his work biggest loser challenge. Kids rocking 241.8.
4. The Kubie Krawl was yet again another success. Great turn out.
5. Ozzie is talking about a trip to Nashville to see the B's play in December, it may be on the big blue bus:

                                             (We take selfies get over it)

6. Hulk Hogan is not the only person who uses just for men on their beard.
7. Its funny to get messages once a week asking me when I am coming back to Facebook because they miss my daily posts.
8. Sorry ladies William J Smiddy is officially off the market, rumor has it he is actually moving in with his lady.
9. Fall means hot coffee for me, man this is taking some getting used too.
10. Everyone loves when someone tells you that you can not do something. Challenge accepted.
11. WWE is getting very generic lately. BORING!
12. Rumor has it TMX will be back this week. As of right now its just a rumor.
13. I do not really understand how people make crazy money on the fan duel.
14. Fucking Christmas is 3 months away. Get that shopping in fools.
15. Rio is officially moved into his house in Saugus. Party to follow, well after his furniture comes in.
16. Pulled pork burritos are fully under rated.

Work is kind of busy so I am gonna have to bail.
Have a nice week.

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