Monday, March 31, 2014


shower bring May flowers.

With all this rain we have had the past 3 days the grass and flowers should be in full bloom in a week.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. How am I just finding out about the show Those Who Kill?
2. Some days it feels like your life is in quicksand.
3. Looks like Wedding season is kicking off.
4. This April may be the busiest month I have had in a while.
5. Jeffrey is not as excited as he should be about Wrestlemania being Sunday night.
6. Has anyone seen TK at a Bruins game this year? Mr 10 pack?
7. Speaking of Bs games - how is a Flyers game more valuable than a 1st round playoff game?
8. Rio is hotter than a hooker with gonorrhea with the scratchies. Another $500 banger this past week.
9. Why dont they make any more games like Life Force, 1942  or Contra? Scrolling 3rd person games.
10. This rain makes everyones mood dreary.
11. Does anyone have any idea when the Galaxy S5 comes out?
12. Can you really beat a $12 hair cut at Ginos?
13. Bitches are conniving.
14. Who else's father would sell their sons car, as part of a trade in for their new car?
15. How are people getting shot on Rt 3? During a funeral procession? That's movie type shit.
16. Dunkin Donuts are you serious with this Peeps donut and the strawberry cheesecake muffin?
17. I don't mind paying good money for good food.
18. Pandora is either hit or miss. Some days it rocks other days its all garbage.
19. Jeffrey gets all his coffee at Cumbies now, maybe because his man crush Scott Zolak does the same.
20. Help plan a bachelor party is more than annoying.
21. The Tofuri's condo is on the market.
22. Home made pizza is good when you work out all the kinks.

That is all for now.
Wish me luck in my Red Sox opening day ticket swap.

Till next week.


The guy who could of been Depaolo's partner but instead is stuck working in a cubicle instead of the mean hallways of BUMC. said...

21. When the hell did his last name get pluralized?

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