Friday, August 10, 2012

Pre-Season Pats vs. Saints

So we have our first Pre-Season game in the books. Here is my review of what I saw this is only my opinon as if i was great at it it would be my day job. 1. Offense Im pretty sure its still cliff diving in some south American Country WTF? On a positive not undrfated Davis WR looks promising but might have a pretty good injury coming in the fourth quater. Ryan Mallet has a gun of an arm but im pretty sure he was high the entire game as him and the recivers are completly on the wrong page. 2. Defense I like what I saw it was promising , and no I will not make any predictions about this season with yards, and points allowed. What was good to see is Jones DE #95 was on the field for 14 plays and was consistantly in the backfield, and drew two offensive penalties against a pro bowler not a bad start. Hightower LB #45 can hit like a mofo, and has good side to side coverage skills can close fast but needs to wrap up tackels. Safety position looks solid.