Monday, August 13, 2012

Back in the Saddle again

I am jumping right into it this week.

Here is what I learned this weekend:

1. The bacon cheddar tots at Stars in Hingham are the shit.
2. Speaking of bacon, Snyders has new bacon chaddar pretzels.
3. What does one get their 2 year old niece for her birthday? Any suggestions?
4. Rio is not up for a wood paneling reno job.
5. I have no clue how people work the overnight shift. I feel like every night worked I lose one year of my life.
6. Jeffrey gets so hung over he can't function the next day.
7. Shaun Larry is still MIA, I know wedding plannings a bitch but man!
8. Chrissy is looking to do a wing challenge in New Bedford if anyone is up for it.
9. Mikey T has 4 tickets for the Sox, Thursday August 23rd if anyone is interested.
10. Are people still debating if this Olympic team could beat the 1st Olympic basketball team?
11. Tiffany &Co are responsible for making the Super bowl trophy. Who knew?
12. I am so over shark week. It is a bunch of the same re-runs every year.
13. Today is national left handers day. Get out there ya weirdos.
14. One, when did No Doubt get back together and Two why does their new song sound exactly like their old shit?
15. Yes, Rio is going to Saratoga next week and No he is not meeting up with Mike G. You figure it out.
16. In 75% of American households, the women manage the money and pay the bills.
17. Astronauts can not cry in space. There is no gravity to pull the tears from the tear ducts.
18. July is the month where the amount of sex increases the most. Hey Fuck you August.

That is it for now. As always I will try and do better next week.