Monday, July 12, 2010

Late on a Monday

I know the blog has finally gone over 50,000 hits and we didn't get to celebrate. I have no real reason why we didn't. I meant to throw a little gathering together but it totally slipped my mind.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. People miss their T-Tops. Which begs a question...Why don't they offer T-tops in every vehicle? Shouldn't we all be able to feel the wind in our hair?
2. Being guest DJ with Rio on Saturday night was the balls.
3. Congrats to the Boston Militia women's team. They are heading to the 'ship in Austin, Texas. Good luck ladies.
4. Everyone loves a celebratory after party:

5. Hot Diggity Dogs in Hyannis is legit. Make sure you try the red hot red sox relish. My lips are still on fire.
6. A large Coolata for Dunking Donuts is fucking $4.50 Plus tax!! I mean it's more than a beer at most dive bars!!
7. Granite Links is the 72nd best course in the United States.
8. Showcase live in Foxboro is hosting Bell Biv Devoe on July 17th. Plenty of tickets still available...thought it was me!!
9. If you are down the Cape be sure to check out a Cape league game:

10. Garage Mahal on the DYI network with Bill Goldberg is 10000000% better than Mancaves with Tony Sarigusa. I am just saying.
11. If you try putting a nail through a maple butcher block counter it will break the nail.
12. Apparently all the young kids don't know the song "Make it Rain". When it came on they all stopped dancing. I mean am I that old?
13. It is always 10-15 degrees cooler down the Cape than it is here in Boston.
14. There are still tickets available:
This Wednesday July 14, the Boston Bruins will be teaming up with Bay State Cruise Lines for the annual Sunset Harbor Cruise. Featuring live music from New England's own Jim Plunkett and incredible views of the beautiful Boston shoreline, July 14th is a night you won't soon forget. With all proceeds from the event going directly to support the 2010 Boston Bruins Foundation Pan-Massachusetts Challenge Bike Team, the cruise promises to be a night of non-stop fun in support of a great cause!

Click here to purchase tickets

15. Allison, Chrissy and the new baby, Ella Grace are all home and doing well. Feel free to stop by and bring snacks/food. It is always hard to cook with a new born. They LOVE American chop Suey.

I am going to be down MGM this Thursday night for Weezer and gambling if anyone is around and whats to stop down.

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