Monday, July 19, 2010

I am back

Vacation was nice. I got a lot of things done for the wedding - picked up my suit, found a reverend to marry us and finally figured out where the cocktail reception will be.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Blackjack appeared in US gaming halls in 1919.
2. I know a shit ton more Weezer songs than I thought.

3. Henricks shots are pretty tasty.
4. The more I play Golden Tee the more I want one in my home.
5. Sometimes Smiddy just needs a day for himself.
6. VW's suck ass.
7. No one should have a Jack and Jill anything.

8. I want a new(to me) car. I am torn between a Jeep, a truck or a Ford Edge. Any suggestions?
9. Chrissy loves being a daddy.
10. Shawmut T station is hot at 6:00 am. I mean sweltering.
11. Keep your head on a swivel on Florida Street at 2am
12. I heard the Bell Biv Devo show was off the chains from Bobby Shakes, check out his site for more.
13. Darts starts up again in September. Anyone wanting to play?

That is it for now.


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