Monday, July 28, 2008

And how was your weekend?

First off thanks to everyone who showed up for the double header yesterday. I am giving the game ball to Katie for a great 2 games. She made only 1 out all day, and that was a great catch on that play. A close second was Jean for showing up and giving it her all. We lost the first game 11-6 but won the 2nd game 9-8, and the team we beat was the team we lost to in last years championship game.

Second you guys should of showed up at Mario's cookout. Lots of beers drank and good food. The Sox lost but hey you can't have a perfect day.

For this week:
1. Just a reminder the Bruins booze cruise is tomorrow night. If anyone wants to go...I am down.
2. I have to work Saturday overnight...booooooo.
3. Softballs at 2:30 this upcoming weekend - I hope everyone can make it.
4. The Sox are 1 game back and have 6 tough games against the Angels and The A's.
5. The summer is half over...sucky.

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