Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Joe No Job Part 2

Hello My Fellow Drunks. This is R.D.J. here. I just wanted to clarify something to everyone. Some of the things I’m going to write about are fact and the other is my opinion. I’m not really into fiction. The previous e-mail that you read I would consider an opinion. If Derek could get his act together and put a voting link that would help my situation out. Once again my opinion. I know you are all wondering where I’m going with this so ill cut to the chase. Princess Roof Deck read Derek’s blog today while at work. Lets just say thank God she was at work. I might be choking on my testicles for lunch. At least I would have food to eat ! Joke. In being creative with my list I wanted to include 10 items . I mean who really has a list with anything less. I came up short . I had a writers block like Stephen King. I cant write or even think when I don’t have The Red Sox here to occupy my life. Why do you think Mr. King is always @ the park. Anyways I believe that when I’m writing there are 10 Basic thing you should always try to incorporate into “The Blog”.

1. Sports

2. Beer

3. Friends

4. Sex

5. Food

6. TV/Movies

7. Beach (because Derek loves the beach)

8. Bill Smiddy

9. Money

10. AA ( believe it or not one day we will all be there)

Sticking to my guns I kept my TOP 5 in the last blog. Well like I said I was having a brain fart when it came to the sex part. That is where this quote comes into play, “I also got to stare at a bartender that I’ve wanted to bang since I first laid eyes on her” & “ #10.Always bang her when you have the chance”. This was more of a statement to all the men out there that sometimes need a little advice. I actually had to go back and add this in as a filler if you will.

Back to my Princess. She did not think this was the least bit funny. The truth be told, I had read the story to her but I sort of left that part out. I thought it was the end of it. Who would have ever imagined she gave a fuck about what we talk about. Bottom line, Princes wanted to know what I had done all day so I had to share it with her.

Well needless to say it didn’t go over very well. I mean I called it creative writing. The part creative means I don’t have to explain dog shit when making a statement. The only person that wanted to know where the bar was is Chrissy but he’s a sick fuck. No 1 else seems to really care. Does anyone care where ,when, or why? I was just trying to kill sum time , and take up sum of yours. Is that not the point? 1 more thing Princess new exactly what bar and what girl. Eeeek! “ It was a filler though.” I honestly wouldn’t touch her with Chrissy’s dick and Smiddy pushing.

Well Princess you know that you are the only one for me and you must reevaluate your interpretation of my sad story. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you. I love you.

There is only 1 Princess Roof Deck.

Sincerely, R.D.J.

This is RDJs newest and latest email enjoy.


Iggles said...

Can we start keeping track of how many relationships this blog ruins?

d said...

what are we at now?

Anonymous said...

im still waiting on the name of that bar... maybe princess can tell me over a drink?