Monday, January 26, 2009

Fast month

The 1st month of the year flew by. I mean its already January 26th and February 1st less than a week away, what the fuck. I know they say that time flies when your having fun but this month hasn't been all that fun. The economy is in the shitter and everyone seems so much more on edge. The cold comes and goes on a whim. This snow seems to be never ending. I want it to start warming up and get to spring time fast. St. Pattys is just around the bend.

Things I've learned this weekend:
1. Maggianos is really really good.
2. Car mechanics are super rip off artists.
3. These headaches I have been getting are becoming progressively worse.
4. William J. Smiddy can juggle the ladies.
5. PS3 is the same thing as Xbox 360.
6. Brownies just aren't as good without a glass of milk.
7. The NHL All star game is a joke.
8. Jamaica Plain seems like a nice quaint neighborhood that is not near anything.
9. I like the Arizona Cardinals a whole lot more after watching the NFL network all weekend long. Money Line BABY!
10. People are not even ashamed of being on the Wanna B's list.
11. Still No one has plans for the Super Bowl.
12. When talking about Facebook to others and calling it FB is down right hilarious.
13. People really liked Joey Roofdecks email.
14. The Magic 8 ball is the easiest way to answer all of life's tough questions.
15. Males wearing earrings are making a come back.

BSSC is hosting their Winter Warrior pub crawl this Saturday, January 31st.

The Superbowl is Sunday and I have hardly no squares and no place to watch the game. I am calling bullshit on both accounts.

Crawl in Boston is hosting their annual Valentines day pub crawl on February 14th. This is also the day after Jeffrey's birthday. What a way to celebrate. I hope all can make it.

Have a nice week.


Anonymous said...

males wearing earrings was always in - no comeback. look at dave. ;) haha

Just1Fig said...

Get your head examined so you don't have diabeetus. and yes, mechanics are rip off artists!

Anonymous said...

Check Your Head!