Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Office Issues

I am not sure what happens to people when they leave their houses....all respect for public property or common courtesy goes out the window. For example, if you use the last of something, can you replace it with a new one? The water bubbler thing my office is ALWAYS empty. I think I change it a few times a week because when I go to get water it's empty. I guess I just need to start bringing my own water and just not deal with it. The conference rooms are always a mess too, especially if there has been food at a meeting. I am not sure what would possess a person to leave their plate and cup on the table instead of throwing it in the trash. Do these people live like this at home? Do their mothers or wives or husbands or partners or significant others or kids pick up after them all the time?? And why do people leave dishes in the sink in the little kitchenette room? Do they think there is a cleaning person here who will wash the dishes for them?!


Iggles said...

sounds like Katie K needs to start her own grievance list.

d said...

an actual written post?

ChiefDude said...

Clearly you work with a bunch of shitheads who feel entitled. as a social experiment bring your own water and update the blog has to how long it took one of the lazy people on that floor to change the water cooler.

Anonymous said...

a girl in my department leaves mean notes, its very effective, of course that girl was nora.

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