Friday, January 16, 2009


You have entered the:

The updated WANNA B'S LIST:

1. Billy Costa (Kiss 108s own radio personality)
2. Brian Ryan
3. Chuck Tofuri
4. William J Smiddy
5. Aiden Kelly
6. John "Phil Housley" Brewer
7. Joe Rene - A Haitian
8. FrankBrown
9. Nora Mitchell
10. Padriag Calnan - owns a Sid the Kid Jersey and Ovechkin shirt
11. Brian Folan
12. Jason Milligan
13. Dan "Gary" Madden
14. David Spellman
15. Bobby Freeman - wants on the bandwagon
16. Lenny Graff
17. Walter Pratt
18. Justin Phelps
19. Dale Arnold
20. Starbucks Joe
21. Timmy Carrier Corp
22. Michael Toomajanian
23. Andrew Sousa
24. Tim Barrett
25. Pete "the Meat" Shepard
26. Kristine Young
27. The Whole Staff at Conner Larkin - how do you turn off a Bruins game tied 3-3
28. Ed Media Jim
29. Michael Felger - Trade Phil The Thrill Kessel for Vinny Lecavlier and his 85 mil?
30. William Graham

The list grows more and more each day.
If you know someone who should be added to the Wanna B list send me a quick email at MRBOOZE187@HOTMAIL.COM or text me their name. The B's band wagon you are either on it OR UNDER IT!

I would like to welcome the Big Show to the blog team. Obviously from his first post he will fit right in. Welcome back from your self imposed vacation - Iggles. Does anyone else want to write?
Opinion pieces?
World views?
You know what grinds my gears?
Movie reviews?
A day in the life of?
Since Smiddy goes on so many dates maybe he could do a weekly restaurant review?
I mean I am not begging just trying to add some variety to this blog.

On a side note, I should have some new 2009 FrankBrown video to post later. He sent me a text message this morning "Wait 4 lunch this ones gona blow ur mind!"(that is his exact text). I don't know what he could possible do to blow my mind but I am as excited as kid waiting for Christmas.

Chiefdude and Ferlauto were chatting about the idea of a military draft and this rolls off Ferlauto's tongue "You guys will go and I'll be here banging your girlfriends and wives. I have served my time". It was one of the funniest things I have heard all day.

Don't forget tomorrow night:
Bruins vs the Capitals at 7
Smiddys Birthday gather at Ned Devines at 9
Shots for Smiddys bday at 10:15
Kristen and the noise at 10:30
Cold tea and chinese food at 2:30

Have a nice warm safe weekend.

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