Monday, January 5, 2009

A Mystery... is the scoop on the entertainment scene.  I will make it short because I will write a review of 90210 on Wednesday (don't forget to watch!)
John Travolta's 16 year old son Jett passed away on Friday from unknown causes.  He was said to have a seizure that caused him to hit his head on the bathtub.  An autopsy has been performed today and no release has been sent to the press as of yet. However, there are rumours going around that Jett was diagonosed with autism as a young child, but due to Scientology, they do not acknowledge such a disease.  Condolenses go out to the Travolta's at this hard time.
Next up Rebecca Romaijn finally popped! She has two baby girls: Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip.  Dolly was named after Dolly Parton, a favorite of Romijn and Charlie was named after her uncle, brother to Jerry O'Connell.

Dark Knight star Gary Oldman has wed for the fourth time.The actor, 50, and jazz singer Alexandra Edenborough, 31, tied the knot at a secret ceremony in Santa Barbara, Calif., London's Daily Telegraph reports.Oldman divorced his third wife, former model Donya Fiorentino, in 2001. He was also previously wed to Uma Thurman and actress Lesley Manville. He has has three sons: Alfie (with Manville) and Gulliver and Charlie John (with Fiorentino).Oldman played Commissioner James Gordon in bothBatman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Last night two great shows started on VH1....Rock of Love Bus tour and confessions of a teen idol.  Check them out.....Ray Pruitt is on of the Teen Idols and Eric from the Real World/Grind.

And Rock of Love is Rock of love..TONS AND TONS of fake boobies...kind of nuts.

Also, check out the video below of Charm School Reunion with Sharon Osbourne and Meghan.  I beleive that Meghan has sinced sued Osbourne for pulling out her weave.

Have fun watching all the new shows this week!!


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