Monday, January 19, 2009


So I’ve managed to put the computer back together after throwing it across the room at 6:15 last night. I’m kidding of course….after 4 NFC Championship losses you sort of get used to it. We can sit here and play the blame game but it really comes down to Arizona was just better. The Defense was atrocious, Donovan missed key throws, Akers looked like a High School freshman trying out for the JV team, and there is the pass interference call that wasn’t called. It was pass interference….no doubt about it….but the official did the right thing by not making that call. If it’s a regular season game then you throw the flag. But this is the last 3 minutes of the NFC Championship game….you let the players play.

Worst part about yesterday….about an hour after the game Mrs. Iggles looks over and says ‘you are handling this much better than the other times.’ OTHER TIMES????? I know there have been ‘other times’...I don’t need you to remind me thank you very much…grrrrrrrr. Needless to say Mrs. Iggles may soon become the ‘artist formerly known as Mrs. Iggles.’ GRRRRRRRRRR!

Now for the future. I’ll keep it short. McNabb is back…Reid resigns as Head Coach for health reasons and Gruden is the next head coach…Dawkins signs a 2-year contract…draft an offensive lineman, running back, and safety with their first 3 picks in the draft.

I need something to cheer me up and I can’t think of anything better than the Wing Bowl. I give up trying to explain this thing so I’m just going to give you 2 videos. Since we have a wide variety of people that read this blog I’m just going to warn you now….if you are offended by strippers and half naked women don’t even bother watching them. For the rest of you…..turn up the speakers and Welcome to Wing Bowl!

Welcome to Philly boys and girls. Not only can we lose NFC Championship games on a repeated basis but we know how to throw a wing eating contest.


d said...

Is that Crazy legs to start the 2nd video??

Anonymous said...

you change how you ref based on the time in the game?? NO FLAG NO INTERFERENCE

Anonymous said...

tailgating at 4 am then looking at TITS all day with out giving any ones = im there for wing bowl 17 !!