Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy MLK Day

Well it's Martin Luther King Jr Day and we have lots and lots to talk about.
First up - The Superbowl. It is set for February 1st in Tampa Bay- The Arizona Cardinals vs The Pittsburgh Steelers. Who do you like? Can the old man, Kurt Warner, beat the vaunted Steelers D? Can anyone cover Larry Fitzgerald? Is Troy Polamalu not one of the smartest football players ever? Will the real Willie Parker show up? What does Ben Roethlisberger have left in his tank? He seems to be pretty banged up. We will hear this debate for the next 2 weeks. Let the betting and the football squares being. If you know of some squares get back to me so I can get in. I need some action. Are there any Superbowl parties?
Sorry Iggles, Curtis didn't get that call for interference, there was way too much contact going on. Easily a blown call but hey you have all off season to debate the call, to fire Reid, to get another WR, and to trade/extend Mac 5.

Next up - Smiddy. Not just his birthday but William J. Smiddy himself. I don't know if he knows this but he is not wired right. He has a warped sense of reality. He also is a known chubby chaser but his definition of chubby is fat. I wish him well in trying to purchase his 1st house at some point in 09. He is inviting everyone for a "huge house warming bash"(his words not mine) but no gifts are needed just bottles of booze.

Tomorrow is Inauguration day. President Obama's 4 year term starts. Lets all pray that he can turn this financial mess around. I pray that he can instill more than just HOPE in America. I pray that he can actually accomplish the things he sets out to do. We don't need more empty promises; we need actual results. I am the least political person out there and I am not preaching about politics, I just want this whole mess fixed.

Onto things I have learned this weekend:
1. Mario attracts not just the Crazies but the REAL FUCKING CRAZIES!
2. Smiddy turning 30 means Derek's wallet suffers.
3. Sunday Fundays means tons and tons of shots...WHY WHY WHY WHY??
4. Durgin Park has really good steak tips.
5. Eagle fans are everywhere. Half the bar was rooting for Philly yesterday.
6. Don't leave your cell phone unattended at the bar as Derek will text random people and apologize for not being able to perform the night before. Sorry Smiddy!
7. Drunk Jeffrey on 9 came out. Hadn't seen him yet in 2009.
8. Taxi's are about $20.00 from anywhere in the city to my apartment...ANYWHERE.
9. Gambling with other peoples money doesn't make me feel so bad when they lose.
10. People are excited about the Valentines Day Pub Crawl.
11. Ned Devines is really expensive.

This week I am going to answer some questions that were emailed to me:
1. I need a ruling. After McChunky Soup gets traded in the off season what I do with my McNabb jersey? Does it instantly become a retro jersey? Do I burn it? Do I hope he wins a Super Bowl with Minny and goes into The Hall so it gains some value. Keep in mind I got this jersey for free so I have no financial investment in it.....only emotional. ;-( IGGLES

As an Iggles fan I would say that you keep it, locked in your closet, and in 10 years wear it again. Thus making it an instant Retro Jersey. Just think of the $$ saved. But if it were me? I would donate it to a homeless shelter near your work and hope to see someone wearing it around.

2. what exactly is the wanna b's list??
just curious. i'm bored at work and reading through your blog. :P - Doe

The Wanna B's list is a compiled list of front running Boston Bruins fans. All of a sudden they realized that there was a 4th sports team in Boston. They are only cheering for the Bruins due to the fact that they are in 1st place and winning. They do not know that the Bruins last won the cup in 1972. They do not know the names of Steve Heinz, Bruce ShoeBottom, Stan Jonathan, Blane Lacher, Craig Janney or Jerry Cheevers. They think that Lucic is the second coming of Neely. They barely remember Joey T and Sergie. They are trying to jump on the band wagon now that the Bruins are the "IT" thing. They are now on a list. If you know someone who should be added to the Wanna B list send me a quick email at MRBOOZE187@HOTMAIL.COM or text me their name.


Anonymous said...

Brady is done so if big ben wins another superbowl he's one behind, can we say he's going to become a better qb? Sure starting to look that way

Iggles said...

Are there any pictures from the Smiddy's B-Day Party?