Wednesday, January 14, 2009

90210 UPDATE

A blizzard may be brewing back in Kansas, but classes at West Bev are the ones getting canceled because of a heat wave. Ethan and Annie finally get to spend some alone time on their day-off, Dixon starts to see Silver in a new (and negative) light and Adrianna finally tells Navid about her pregnancy.
This week's episode starts off with Ethan and Annie having a late night phone session which leads to ... ahem ... late night subject matter. But all that dirty talk comes to an abrupt halt when Debbie gets on the line. Just before the two say their goodbyes, Ethan drops the L-bomb and Annie responds with the same. From then on out, the lovebirds become attached at the lips — which makes Silver nauseous.
During gym class, the Naomi and Adrianna weasel their way out of field hockey (love Naomi's TMI excuse that her period has left her "bleeding like a stuck pig"). But right when Adrianna reaches out to her old BF to confide in her about her pregnancy, Naomi totally shafts her to hang out with her new friends — the blendeds. Of course, the first thing that goes through Naomi's mind is that Adrianna is using again, but her liquid crazed friends tell her move on, because Ade isn't her problem anymore. Naomi finally grows a conscious and goes to find Ade, who finally spills the beans that she's preggers — and that she doesn't know who the dad is. You know what that means ... a rousing game of "who's the daddy."
Meanwhile, back at the Wilson home, Grandma Tabitha is rehearsing for a part, and somehow winds up arguing with Debbie about having Annie and Dixon help her instead of doing their assigned chores. Next thing you know, Tabitha buys her grandchildren a car and Debbie lividly returns it. But the power struggle really gets out of control when Tabitha gives Annie the keys to her Palm Springs crib Annie so she and Ethan can have some alone time. Oh, and btw, she lies to Annie and tell her it's all good with her mom.
All the students of West Bev (except Annie and Ethan) head out to a beach party after school is canceled due to broken AC's. Dixon is trying to figure out a way to tell Silver he loves her because Navid convinced him that's why she's so bitter about Annie and Ethan's lovey-doveyness. When Dixon finally nuts up and tells Silver he loves her, things don't go quite as he expects, to say the least. The abridged version: Dixon tells Silver he loves her, Silver says "Thank you," Dixon get annoyed, Silver flips about that he's annoyed and down goes the sandcastle. Trouble is officially brewing in paradise.
Naomi finally stands up to her worthless crash-diet friends who are talking trash about Adrianna. Navid gets in a fight sticking up for his woman as well, but Adrianna finally reveals her secret pregnancy. Navid, looking like a deer caught in headlights, runs — literally runs — from her.
Over at Palm Springs, things start to get pretty hot and heavy — that is until Annie cracks up right before she and Ethan are about to ... you know. But her speech about him being the "one and only" freaks Ethan out, and he pushes her away with a bunch of "what if's." The best comes when Harry and Debbie drive up Palm Springs only to find the two sleeping in separate rooms. The two get back in the car without waking them, and shortly after patting themselves on the back about what great parents they are, they get a bit frisky in the minivan. They actually get so frisky that Annie finds her parents half-naked in the backseat of the car the next morning. Now that's something that will be burned in her brain for a lifetime.
School is back in session, and despite the awkward morning, Annie and Ethan talk and decide to take things a bit slower in order to build a foundation before having sex (now those are some mature 16-year-olds). But things don't end so happily for our other two couples. Navid tells Adrianna he doesn't think he's cut out to be with her while she's pregnant with someone else's baby. And though Silver apologizes to Dixon for her outburst, you can tell he is a bit fed up with her bi-polar mood swings.
I was really impressed with Naomi rallying for her friend Ade and offering to be there for her. I thought she was all about her new life with the "fluids," but I guess people surprise you. As far as Ethan and Annie, I'm with Silver ... it was getting to the point where my teeth were hurting. I feel a new love interest may be coming in for Dixon, and for some reason, I can't help but wonder if she might happen to be a certain bi-sexual cheerleader. And sadly to say, I think we may not be seeing much of Tabitha now that she's off to film her mini-series.

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