Monday, June 17, 2024

Game 5

 Its is Game 5 tonight. Nora will be in the house, it is 6/17, and time to win one at home.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Jason Varitek shows up for Hingham little league.

2. The road to Williamsport starts Saturday for Julian and his team mates.

3. Smiddy is out there looking for love. Hopes to be married within 2 years.

4. This is the week Leaden gets a new whip, if you know any car salesmen hit him up.

5. No one Fathers Day rages like Jeffrey.

6. Again we just skipped Spring, going right into Hell Summer.

7. Scottie Scheffler had a rough day but what hurts more is he cost me $600.

8. Caitlyn Clark seems to be very polarizing, I mean as a league shouldn't you embrace growth?

9. People really come out for a fucking Flag day parade in Quincy...what losers.

10. Pizzeria Regina just isn't the same without the Luey Juice.

11. When is the 1st beach day? I need a good laugh and sun burn.

12. Dunkin Donuts coffee is the most inconsistent of all the coffee places out there.

13. Rumor has it Joey is this close to getting back to work. Irons in the fire and all.

14. My poor dog has infected anal glands and I feel very bad for him.


The guy who could have been the next Sternie Williams, if not for Newton! said...

14. Didn't you catch infected anal glands from the parking booth seat at UH Doctors Office Building parking garage?

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