Monday, April 22, 2024

man oh man

 Been a busy 2 weeks. Opening day, Marathon Monday, Cs and B's playoffs. What a time to be alive!

This is what I have learned on hiatus:

1. Don't get drunk at the Hoffy and uber to Encore.

2.  Martell secretly loves the 99! Shhh

3. Ask Leaden about his smoked short ribs.

4. Red Sox overs aren't hitting at the same rate as last year.

5.  Anyone else ever have their left had go numb randomly?

6. I can't wait for this NFL draft to finally be over.

7.  I watched Fall Out on Prime, not bad.

8. Congrats to Julie Nickerson on her engagement.

9. TKs new love is the Texas Roadhouse.

10. No clue how you parents do it - Julian playing on 3 baseball teams.

11. My new rule with all these tipping buttons - if I sits, I tips. That is it.

12. Why haven't we made it here yet, Golf Lounge 18?

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