Monday, April 24, 2023

on the fence

 Lets jump right into it:

1. Chris Leaden is off the gambling Aps.

2. Chrissy comes back from Florida without a tan...bro did you even see the sun?

3. Went to the Fat Cat on Saturday and man I didn't remember the food being that good.

4. Chrissy is back in the Uber game after his car was smashed up.

5. I hate painting but I hate painting/staining a deck more.

6.  Got a few weeks left at the Cape house, if ya interested.

7. The Red Sox are 16-7 on overs this season.

8. Speaking of the Sox, glad to see my man Verdugo back and crushing it.

9. Does anyone else love Dan Roche on T& R in the morning?

10. Atlantic City for Ryans Bachelor party? Why not!

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