Monday, December 5, 2022

Whoa Nelly

 Its Christmas season and I have yet to hear Marshmallow world but I have heard Mariah Carey 10000278 times.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Precinct 10 has really good food.

2. Great turn out for the QFD vs BFD hockey game fund raiser yesterday - if you went to the rink, Liberty Tavern or back to the Hoffy.

3. Heard beer is going up 17% and alcohol 23% thanks to the cost of the ingredients to make it going up during this recession.

4. Fucking nothing worse than a hang nail.

5. This cold/flu that's going around is taking out people left and right.

6. A $23 dollar uber ride to the casino sounds good, right?

7. Not Your Average Joe's still slaps.

8. I love when stocks are tanking and you are seeing -27% return on your money and people are like you didn't lose anything. Yeah, I kinda did. There was 500K in there a month ago and now we are looking at 365K. But you cant retire until you are 60 shit Sherlock.

9. Can someone explain to me what the fucking Red Sox are doing? Or not doing?

10. Yesterday it was 63 today 25. Gotta love the Winter.

11. Nothing worse getting the wrong thing at the drive thru. 

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