Tuesday, February 23, 2021

uh huh

Yes, I was off yesterday and yes I totally forgot to post.

That is on me!

This is what I learned recently:

1. Jason Foley is engaged.

2. The Seadog in Yarmouth was packed on a Sunday night. 

3. Fuck painting and especially fuck painting shiplap.

4. Oh by the way, Jason Foley may be going through a midlife crisis, since he is getting all tatted up.

5. Gas prices, AMIRIGHT? Looks like that $3.00 a gallon will be here by St. Pattys.

6. Leaden told me he heard we will be at herd immunity by April.

7.  I never knew how much people hated clowns. People's common hatred of clowns brings people together.

8. NYC is opening movie theaters to 25% capacity on March 5th. Hey maybe open up some restaurants.

9.  Looks like the stock market may be on a downturn.

10. Speaking of stocks - I am sick of all these pop up ads saying if you invested just $5,000 on this stock you would have 1 million by now. NO FUCKING SHIT! A. If I had $5,000 when Apple went public I would have been one rich baby.

11. So Mass is going to decriminalize drugs but then raise taxes on soda? Uhm K.

12. Who knew rental property management companies are so expensive.

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