Monday, August 17, 2020


Does anything suck worse than burning the roof of your mouth or your actual tongue when eating food?

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Sometimes you just need a day to catch up on some sleep.

2. I am amazed how hot the real estate market is.

3. Fantasy football draft happens soon. Who wants to see Dave in a dress?

4. People really celebrate half birthdays?

5. It's bike week up in NH. Are you going up to Laconia?

6. Mario has his eyes on buying a boat. Looking for a center console 20 footer.

7. Mike G is selling a fresh water boat if you know anyone looking for one.

8. How many more places will close due to this Covid 19?

9. Speaking of covid 19, starting today we have to be tested once a week for it.

10. I heard teachers in Weymouth pushed for remote learning so the school system said ok but you have to come in and do it from your classroom and now they are flipping out.

11. What a Fall like weekend we just had.

12. When it was just Claws and Trulys it was hard to find them out at bars but now that Bud Light makes a seltzer you can get em anywhere.

13. These covid restaurant rules make it very difficult to catch a buzz let alone get drunk.

14. Rumor has it Jason Foley has some long ass hair. 

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