Monday, March 2, 2020

I know I know

You are shocked that I'm posting , while on vacation and in a totally different time zone.

This is what I learned on the west coast:
1. I'll take 82 degrees in February any time.
2. Hey San Diego Zoo why is half your shit down for renovations?
3. Without fail, I get hit on by men more often than not.
4. Have you guys seen Joes new scar?
5. Did Rob invite you guys to Mexico? Me either.
6. It appears that everyone is going to Florida, vacation week in April.
7. Congrats to Matt and Meg, if anyone needs a place to stay in Hotlanta...hit them up. They just bought a place in college Park.
8. I think I hate paper straws more than ever, since every fucking place serves em with all their drinks.
9. I have been to a Lazy Hippo, a Blind Burro and a Tipsy Crow all within a few days.
10. I went to 5 different breweries and I'd rank as:
          1. Kairoa Brewery - see my man Drew and chill out on the roof deck.
          2. The Resident Brewery at Local - great food and music, tons of beers not all good.
         3. Ballast Point - they have it down. Like an old pair of sneakers. Just fits right.
         4. The Half Door - converted old house that makes their own brew. Beer was better than most just a grandma's vibe
         5. Duck Foot Brewery - if you want gluten free brews this place is for you.
11. Not nearly as many homeless as I remember being chased by in San Francisco.
12. It appears that San Diego as a whole has an acne problem.
13. Happy Hours never get old (especially when some places are all day long).
14. Hit up Richard Blaise's Crack Shack for some crazy good chicken.

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