Monday, June 8, 2009

Like Whoa

Another Dot day is in the books.

The Dorchester day bowl off champion, Steven Whitley:

Things I learned this weekend:
1. Outside drinking + no sunscreen = bad news bears for Derek.
2. Chrissy likes

3. Chrissy got about 6 different winds:

4. People who don't like hot wings are pussies.
5. Peggy O'Neils is a great place to watch the parade.
6. Tito Jackson is running for City Councilor, an upgrade from party promoter.
7. Paul Murphys party still rocks after all these years.
8. Mikey Doyles never lets you down.
9. Working at Wells Liquor is always a fun time. Even if you get called a racist about 10 times a night
10. This pretty much sums up part of the day:


MJT said...

dot day is awesome! chrissy clear cut winner in that dance off no wonder he passed out at the bar kid was working it

Chrisy said...

man oh man! i had an awesome time! dont think i will EVER be allowed out again after that non sense...

Iggles said...

I've gotta take up this Candlepin thing.....I just cannot live in a world where Steven Whitley is 2 time defending champ. Juts can't have it!