Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It is official...

The 2nd Annual Wingalympics is set for Friday, July 10th at 6:00 pm.

Charlie "Chomp em and Stomp em" Ferlauto is set to defend his championship! Who will take him down?

Will these contestants show up:
Jimmy "Two Thumbs"
Jason "Last Hurrah" Foley
Steve "Bring the heat" Keith
Mario "Hot Sizzle" Long
Jeffrey "The Wing King"
Chrissy "El Wingador"

Who else wants to sign up? Let me know via text or email

Do you know you have a friend who loves wings and can demolish some wings? Sign him up! We will have prizes!!

As always Welchie will take any and all wagers.

Last years:


RIO said...

if we have it at DJs this year can we at least invite the Asian from sidebar?

Anonymous said...

El wingidor didnt show last year. Why would this year be different

Anonymous said...

calling out el wingidor! wow! cant say i blame you alot of talking not much eating from that guy. oh wait i cant eat alot-lame excuse

mjt said...

heard on the streets that karl "ozzface killah" osborn is IN!

d said...

Lets get the head count!!
I heard Chrissys boy laeden had a dark horse canidate

Anonymous said...

thats cool, but they are people too mr booze dont call them dark horses

That Boston Girl said...

i am contemplating showing you boys up, especially "ozzface killah", HA