Monday, July 27, 2009


Normally it would take me less than 5 days to address any subject but Billy Flaherty wouldn't allow that. He wouldn't want me to speak about, write about nor talk about his passing. But now I feel comfortable enough that I can.

People have been speaking about him and what he meant to them over the past few days. When it comes to me the only word that can describe Billy is sincere. Each and every day whatever he said or did was always in YOUR best interest not his. He would always put you above him no matter what. We were all blessed to know Billy in some why or another. I was blessed to know him as a friend/confidant/mentor. I would not want to know him any other way. I miss my friend.

There is a time for him August 30th and I would hope that all of you who read this attend it.

If you need a ticket please contact someone below:

Patty Connolly 617-269-8216
Paula & Bobby Linehan 617-268-6815
Susan Connolly 617-269-8461
Ned & Janice McGrath 617-269-6581
Keli Cully 617-268-5743
Jeanette Earner 617.481.5771
Mary Sweeney 617-269-1325
Jimmy & Sharon Fleming 617-331-1386
Mike Tofuri 508-942-9149
Kelly & Teddy Fullam 617-436-8252
Jimmy & Joyce Higgins 617-269-1179
Mike Vardaro 617-593-7505
Jeannie Kiely 617-596-1667
Derek Whitley 617-513-2145
Tom Kineavy 617-268-4286
Stephanie Uftring 617-285-1696

Thank you and please feel free to contact us with questions or comments -

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