Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Winnah winnah

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Brenda Bailey is still on a roll.

This week, the 60-year-old South Charleston woman claimed her ninth West Virginia Lottery prize, $7,000 in the Gem 7s instant game. That brings her total winnings since last September to $159,000 from five instant tickets.

Lottery officials say Bailey has claimed a total $165,800 in prizes from instant and online games since 2000.

She's not the only lucky one in the family. Her husband Richard claimed a $6,000 instant game prize in January and a $10,000 prize last September.

What the fuck! I feel good when I win $40.00 and this bitch and her husband are hitting thousands at a time. I do need to know how much they are spending on scratchies each month. Are they blowing hundreds at a time? Are they using their rent money to try and win big? I think Tim Cahill needs this kind of feel good story for the state of Massachusetts!!

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