Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27th

Lets skip right to it.

Things I learned this weekend:

1. They used to call Mitchell, Red Dog in high school...No shit!
2. Mario's dog, Brewski, is cute and if you take it for a walk instantly you get crazy boy band ass.
3. Jeffrey can bang out a deck like no ones business. Not bad for a tin knocker.
4. Flip cup in your boxers shorts is bound to disrupt the ladies on the opposite team.
5. Bean bag toss is fun and very competitive but its no horse shoes.
6. Bubba burgers are the best frozen patty burgers ever.
7. Big Shows dog is a sneaky little trouble maker.
8. Hull is far from my house but it was a beautiful day along the beach.
9. These past 3 days have been the longest in my life. Every minute feels like an eternity.
10. Pretty much everyone looks better in a suit.
11. Franklin likes to eat rocks. I am pretty sure most dogs don't like to chew on rocks.
12. Iggles dog does not like other dogs but she isn't overly aggressive either.