Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let The Jokes Begin......

Let me ask you a rhetorical question. What are the first 5 things that pop into your mind when I say Donovan McNabb? Choker? Over-rated? Under appreciated? Puked in the Super Bowl? Can’t win the big one? I’ll give you maybe 4 out of the 5…..and for all you miserable bastards out there I still have $50 on the table for anyone that can show me video of McNabb puking in the Super Bowl. Put up or shut up boys and girls!

Anyway, we may need to change how we view Mr. McNabb….apparently Donnie Mac likes to hang out at topless pools in Vegas with a bunch of porn stars (Jayden James). According to Deadspin; while attending the wedding of teammate Hank Baskett and Playboy Playmate Kendra, Donnie Boy took a little detour and spent some time getting some sun with Jayden James at a topless pool.

The initial reading is this was just a coincidence……but I’m sure it will be blown way out proportion. This is Donovan McNabb we are talking about here….the man just attracts controversy. But I don’t get what the big deal is anyways…..if the man wants to hang out with porn stars than more power to him. There isn’t a guy out there that wouldn’t be sitting poolside with a gaggle of porn stars if given the opportunity. Sounds like it was a great weekend for D-Mac…..go to a wedding at the Playboy Mansion and then spend the day with a bunch of topless women. It’s a win, win scenario if you ask me.

Chrissy…before you ask I’m not posting any pictures of Jayden James. Maybe ChiefDude can bring back his G.I.W.L.T.F.


d said...

I mean I havent watched Kendra on E or anything but man Hank YOU WIN!

RIO said...

5 Things that come to my mind when I think of Donnie Mac:

1. Campbells Chunky Soup commercials.

And I cant think of 4 more that you havent already mentioned Mr Iggles

Bruschi said...

i thought he was gay? i'm shocked! so that wasnt sperm he puked up at the superbowl?

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