Saturday, July 25, 2009

Comic Con 09 Movies in production

Tron Legacy
Red Dawn (Reboot)
Dead of Night
Dark Knight 3 (Begins shooting in 2010)
Solomon Kane
James Cameron's Avatar
Pirates of the Caribbean 4
Wanted 2
Ninja Assasins
Resident Evil 4
Prince of Persia
New Moon
Avatar the last air bender (M knight)
Predator (Reboot)
X-Men origins Magneto
Warriors (Reboot)

these movies made the biggest buzz this year. Accoriding to everything i read Jim Camerons Avatar is the most amazing movie ever made in CGI, and he expects it to be bigger than his "Titanic" the audience was shown a half hour of movie scenes. Dark Knight 3 still mum on the villian. Red Dawn reboot looks promising. Jake Gillianhal is the price of persia looks like he did some juice for the part. I hope they do a good job with Magneto that has so much potential, Warriors sounds good but they gave no information who's casted in the movie. Predator reboot is going to have a few predators not one against a commmando squad. I know i am a movie dork........