Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax day

It's been a while since I actually wrote anything due to working, training, computer problems, and darts but I am just letting you guys know I AM BACK BITCHES!

Things I have learned since last Friday:
1. The Cuntnadian fans are passionate fans...only when their team is up.
2. The Greatest Bar, door man is a cock blocking hater.
3. Tuesday night darts is always a fun time.
4. Easter is a nice family day.
5. Sox fans are already bitching, with their team only having 2 wins so far.
6. Jeffrey got a new dog and is looking for name suggestions:

7. The Mustache Pub Crawl T shirts are in and a big hit.
8. Loads of Bruins fans have posted their playoff tickets for sale on craigslist in Montreal
9. Vegas can not come soon enough.
10. Smiddy is recently coming off a bender - Thursday night with his lady, Friday night at Barefoot Bobs, Saturday night double date, and Sunday Easter dinner with his ladies family and then a drunkfest at Champions. He must be pre-gaming for his up coming vacation.
11. Mike G just bought a house in Canada, oops Nashua N.H. - congrats.
12. Putting together this Lego Bug is impressive:

13. The Boston Police are cracking down on the Dot Ave Hookers!

I think there is probably more things that I have forgotten over the past few days. Oh well if I remember them I'll update this.

Here is the Chrissy facial hair master piece/update:

Its a Hybrid - playoff beard/mustache pub crawl growth.

I hate Gary won last night 6-5. Mike Foley was the player of the week again coming up with huge darts.

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Anonymous said...

mike foley continues to rack up player of the week honors!! tip your cap to that guy!