Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth day

Today is Earth day. Whipdeefucking do. Shouldn't every day really be Earth day? We should focus on celebrating it everyday and not just once a year. Maybe we could get a petition together and have Happy Day, Smack-a-ho Day, Get drunk at work Day, or Piss in your Pants day. Whats the difference??

Im heading out to Vegas tomorrow so I won't be blogging for a few days. I should be back late on Monday night so the video of the week will be up late too. I am confident that Rio, Big Show, CheifDude and Iggles can keep you posted with new updates materials. Hell they may suprise us all and write a rant, a rave or some other piece about whats going on in thier lives. Congrats on the baby talk, Iggles. Now you only need to slip 2 past the goalie to have as many as the Cheifdude!

I Hate Gary pulled out another win last night, 8-3. The player of the week was Sean "Supah P" Meehan. Came up with 3 huge wins when the team needed it. No Bigshow and no Jeffrey but still we put some distance between us and the 4th place team.

Why don't banks utilize Coinstar? I mean can't they have it attached to the ATM? I put in my PIN, dump all my change into it and it goes into my savings/checking account? Seems pretty simple yet brilliant to me. Doesn't have to be every branch just a few. How do we get this rolling?

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