Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I am back and fully rested. I went a full 6 days without turning on a computer and it felt pretty damn good.

Vegas was a blast. Fun in the sun. Betting on any and all sports. Buffets up the ass. Hanging out with good friends. Everything was great except for the ass whooping I took at the tables on days 3 and 4. Oh well you win some you lose some.

I honestly thought that I would come back and write some huge elongated diatribe since I have been gone for so long but I just don't have it in me. I still have to do my hockey picks today too.

Things I learned in Vegas:
1. 90 degrees hot out there is not the same 90 degrees hot here.
2. Even if you play Black Jack by the book, to the T, without any flaws. You will still take some bad beats.
3. Everyone is for the most part happy and personable out there.
4. You can tell who is in Vegas for the 1st time by there crazy outfits.
5. Nothing is funnier than the never ending walk of shames.
6. Chuck Liddel paints his toe nails all types of weird colors.
7. Learning new casino games is expensive but yet fun.
8. Telling your friends you're going to Vegas; they all assume your getting engaged/eloping.
10. My brother, Mungo, is really effing tapped.
11. Getting asked not to drink is one thing but this is just funny:

12. Renting a cabana is 100% worth every penny.
13. They are cleaning up old Vegas - it's still sketchy just not as grimy.
14. Traveling home is an all day event.
15. Koreans are mean.
16. Always try to hit the Buffet before the changeover. Breakfast/lunch at 10:30 Lunch/dinner at 2ish
17. Always ask for doubles from any casino waitress; tip accordingly.
18. Dancers while you gamble is crazy/fun/weird.
19. Team roulette is better than playing solo.
20. Massages at the table are great.

I'm sure there is more I learned but damn it if I don't remember at this time.

I thoroughly enjoyed the stay at the Luxor. It was a whole lot better than I had anticipated. Chris and Jimmy at the Cabana hooked us up with some good picks for the sports book. The MGM is still my favorite place to gamble and yet they took all my money yet again. The NY NY is way over rated. I think that I won't step foot in that place again. The new Planet Hollywood is great. The lady dealers wear corsets and have their boobies showing all over the place - 100000% better than the Aladdin. The Party Pit at Excalibur is basically a strip show. The Excalibur on the other hand is a Zoo and that's what I was and will continue to call it. The Hooters Casino is basically a Hooters restaurant with some ghetto 3 dollar black jack tables and college kids running around. The Flamingo smells and feels like old vegas/bowling alley.

The Bruins are set to play the Carolina Whalers starting this Friday. Here is the 2nd round schedule:
Fri May 1, 2009 Hurricanes @ Bruins 7:30 PM
Sun May 3, 2009 Hurricanes @ Bruins 7:30 PM
Wed May 6, 2009 Bruins @ Hurricanes 7:30 PM
Fri May 8, 2009 Bruins @ Hurricanes 7:30 PM
Sun May 10, 2009 Hurricanes @ Bruins 7:30 PM
Tue May 12, 2009 Bruins @ Hurricanes 7:00 PM
Thu May 14, 2009 Hurricanes @ Bruins TBD

The Celtics/Bulls series is too tight for my liking. Three out of the Five games have gone to overtime. I hope they can wrap up the series tomorrow in Chicago.

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doerilla said...

i agree with #15. just be thankful you didn't experience a mean AND angry korean. dave's a lucky, lucky bastard, isn't he?? ;)