Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sid the Kid

Dear Mr. Crosby,

Much has been said about you being the face of the NHL. While some people wish to have Alexander Ovechkin, a.k.a the Great 8, as the standard of the modern NHL, I personally think you are a fine selection. Gary Bettman has done a great job to pass the torch to you. You are talented, respectful of the game, as well as a great leader on the ice. While playing with Geno, Evgeni Malkin, your game really seems to have excelled. I am by no means a Pittsburgh Penguins fan but I am a fan of hockey, which you seem to play with such ease, and watching your game grow over the years has been exciting and exhilarating. People seem to think that you are all business and not a whole lot of fun. Well guess what, they said the same things about Bobby Orr and that seemed to have worked out brilliantly for the Bruins and the NHL.

On a side note: It looks to me like you are having a whole lot of fun here in this picture. Who are these hotties that you seem to be flirting with?

By the way you are rocking the shit out of that V-neck sweater, the same one that my cousin Mike has. Do you guys hang out and shop at Abercrombie together? I hope you took these 2 ladies home and gave them a Nova Scotian Necktie and then went 5 hole on them or even back door(wink wink)!

Good luck in all your future NHL endeavors,

P.S. I hope we don't see you in the playoffs because Savvys got a fistfull of fuck you with your name on it.

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MJT said...

that sweater is fancy and yes i do own the same one, my is a button up i wear it on special occasions.