Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Update

I’m calling BULLSHIT! Mr. Booze, Katie K, StyleGal, and MJT all in Vegas together conducting the blogs Board of Trustees meeting, leaving me and ChiefDude to run the blog. Are you serious? Under no circumstances should myself or ChiefDude be in charge of anything…..let alone keeping the blog updated. And why was I not invited to the meeting? Complete and utter bullshit.

So against my better judgement I’ll give this a try. The first item up for business is the rumor that ChiefDude is pulling the plug on his G.I.W.L.T.F. posting. I for one am 100% against this idea…..I love the G.I.W.L.T.F. and look forward to it every week. Personally I would like to see some ladies that I’ve never seen before….maybe throw in a little oversees action. But I’ll take what I can get as long we keep getting fresh pics!

Next item is this baby situation. My life is quickly spiraling out of control…..negotiations are on going between myself and Mrs. Iggles but we are still far apart in our demands. This whole thing makes no sense to me…..why in the world would anyone want to have kids. They are expensive, loud, time consuming, dirty, they smell bad, and it really looks painful. And on top of that I don’t know one person who has kids that is actually happy. All of you parents are miserable and then what makes it worse is you all lie and say it’s the best thing that ever happened to you. I’m convinced this whole ‘it’s the best thing that ever happened to me’ bullshit is a trick to get the rest of us to experience your misery. I for one am not falling for it!

Now for the weekend. It’s going to be sunny and 80 degrees all weekend and I plan on spending maybe a total of 2 hours (I need my smoke breaks!) outside. On Saturday you have the Flyers/Penguins Game 6 that starts at 3pm…the NFL Draft starts at 4pm….Sox/Yankees start at 4pm….plus some NBA Playoff action! On Sunday we have the conclusion the NFL Draft and then NASCAR is at Talladega this week. I know many of you aren’t NASCAR fans but trust me this is the best race of the year. At the very least tune in for the last hour….you are guaranteed to see 3 major wrecks. FANNNNNTASTIC!

We’ll try to do some updates during the weekend…as well as any breaking news from the Board of Trustees meeting. And by breaking news I mean who wound up spending the night in jail and who wound up taking some stranger back to their room for some after hours action.


Chrisy said...

a) dont lie deegan, they asked every one to go to vegas more than once!

b) no one would ever leave you in charge! derek 1500 miles away @ shitfaced will do a better job than you will here.

c) i thought the G.I.W.L.T.F. was already gone?? havent seen pics in a long time. the recent ones dont count.

d) mrs iggles in not all there if she thinks you would make a good daddy!!!

Anonymous said...

pls make the kid a Pats fan. 3 x super bowl champs as opposed to the iggles who have never won a super bowl

RIO said...

sounds like jealousy to me!!

d said...

So when is the 1st born due?