Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sid Crosby?

Dear Derek,

Why must you upset me? I saw your letter to the Kid! I've already told you I am Alexander the Great there is no need for that wimp Crosby to be the face of the NHL. Look at him? Look at that picture! Those fine ladies didn't even want 'Sid The Kid' in the picture with them, that little weasel had to sneak in behind them. Look at these ladies who can't wait to get their picture taken with me.

I was Rookie of the Year and I won the Hart, Rocket Richard, Art Ross trophies and the Lester Pearson award all in the same year. Did your boy Crosby do that? I am OV-1 THE BEST PLAYER IN THE NHL!

Your Friend,


Anonymous said...

die ovechkin die

RIO said...

I think that he may be dead in that 3rd picture...