Thursday, April 9, 2009

All B's

The Boston Herald is reporting:

Don’t breathe a word of this. Because nobody’s supposed to know. But the Boston Bruins will host the NHL’s Winter Classic outdoor hockey game against an unnamed opponent Jan. 1 at Fenway Park!

Our spies on Lansdowne Street say the League has given its blessing to a 2010 New Year’s Day game in the Hub of Hockey, choosing Boston over New York and Philadelphia.

League reps had visited all three cities and, in Boston, looked at both Fenway and Gillette Stadium . However, scheduling around any Patriots post-season play was a tricky proposition, we’re told, and ultimately Fenway got the nod.

Word is, John Henry & Co. tried to get the hockey game that went to Wrigley Field in Chicago earlier this year. That Winter Classic tilt, between the Chicago Black Hawks and the Detroit Red Wings, drew 41,000 hockey fans to the home of the Chicago Cubs .

“The Red Sox were mad that they were one-upped this year so they get it next year,” said our spy.

Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs has also been pushing for an outdoor game here. “I’d love to have the game - period,” he has said. “It would be a coup.”

According to earlier reports, the Bruins most likely opponent would be would either the Canadiens or the Rangers, but our sources say the visiting team hasn’t been chosen yet.

Word is, the NHL ice gods need just 10 days of cooperative (read: freezing) weather to install a professional sheet of ice at Fenway then the puck can drop.

File Under: Frozen Treat.

I think this is great, I honestly do. I am just leary on two fronts. First it's not always that cold here in January, what happens if we get a 50 degree day on New Years Day? Second who gets 1st dibs on tickets? Do the Sox season ticket holders get to purchase tickets over Bruins season ticket holders? Who makes this decision? When do I find out?

Enough about NEXT season lets keep the focus on this season. "The Sheriff" Shane Hnidy was on WAAF this morning to talk about the Bruins Beard-a-thon, to raise money for The Boston Bruins Foundation:

Now everyone who knows me, knows that at playoff time, regardless of the Boston team/sports I grow a playoff beard. So this is right up my alley. I will do this up until May 16th...come Mustache Pub Crawl day, the beard must go.

For all you Ovechkin lovers:

Thanks Puck Daddy

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Iggles said...

Love the Ovechkin. Best player in hockey plus he dances, acts, and sings. What can't he do!