Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Big Show

First of all Welcome back ChiefDude!

Secondly the Big Shows mother has laid a challenge at his feet. Lose 100lbs in 1 year. That equates to 2 lbs a week for the year. He accepted the challenge and started 3 weeks ago.

He started off at 338 lbs.

Current weight 329 lbs.

Hopefully we will have weekly weigh-ins.


mjt said...

BIG SHOW!! u have my support buddy!! hope you have a catered event when you win!!

d said...

If he does it I will personally rent a hall. So we can have a TIME!!! The world needs more TIMES!

RIO said...

Foles you got my support pal, actually I just want to go to the time..Derek is right we need more times in this world