Monday, March 9, 2009

No more snow

This is some mighty fine weather we are having. One day it is 65 degrees and beautiful out the next 32 with a snow and sleet mix. Global warming - Isn't it grand?

I have always been a fan of the Harpoonfest but maybe they should expand it back to Thursday through Sunday or start earlier in the day on Saturdays. It gets packed before 4:00pm and the line is at least an hour long. Oh well enough bitching about lines...I went, got smashed and passed out, it was an overall successful day.

Things I learned this weekend:
1. Smiddy is currently OFF the market. His FB status has been changed to currently not single. Don't cry ladies.
2. There could be something in the Harpoon beers at the brewery. 9 beers and I was super bombed.
3. Mario made his own brew and will be having a party to celebrate sometime in the near future.
4. This whole spring ahead and fall back is a scam!
5. St. Pattys day party at Kohanskys Sunday - 3 floor extravaganza.
6. Crown Royal is expensive...$101 bucks for shots - OUCH!
7. Manny Fernandez sucks more than I ever thought. Hey when you leave don't let the Zakim Bridge hit you in the ass on your way out.
8. The Celtics need some time to work the new guys in.
9. The Tourney is coming and the games are getting more and more exciting.
10. A large 1 topping pizza at Papa Ginos cost $15.00 dollars. I MEAN WTF IS THAT??

The race in the NHL east is heating up. The Bruins are 8 points ahead of the Devils and 9 ahead of the Caps.

The Montreal Cuntnadians are in 5th place with 77 points but could easily fall out of a playoff spot with the way the Hurricane and the Sabres are playing. There are 15 games left, it should be a fun ride.


Iggles said...

Smidawgs is in love again? Year of Smiddy!

Anonymous said...

He's in love every other week?? how's this his year??

Just1Fig said...

Man you got to use the coupons for the Papa Gino's.