Monday, March 2, 2009

I said BUD

3 Stabbed In Fight Over Beer, Manatee Deputies Say

MANATEE COUNTY - Authorities say a man who became angry over the brand of beer available stabbed three people in a mobile home last night.

Amilcar H. Guerra, 50, was arrested on a charge of aggravated battery after the 11 p.m. stabbings that occurred in a mobile home at Six L's Farm, 12599 State Road 39 near Duette, according to a Manatee County sheriff's report.

A witness told deputies four men were in a trailer drinking beer when Guerra became angry about the kind of beer the other men purchased. Authorities say Guerra began to throw punches and then pulled a knife from his pocket and stabbed the men.

Gaspar Corona-Jiminez, 38, was stabbed in the chest, lower back and hands. Nery Velasquez, 24, suffered knife wounds to his arm, and Andres Filemon, 22, was cut on his chest and hand, the sheriff's report said.

Corona-Jiminez was flown by helicopter to Tampa General Hospital, and the two other men were taken to Manatee Memorial Hospital. None had life-threatening injuries.

Deputies located Guerra about 500 yards from the trailer. Guerra was passed out and had blood on his shirt, the report said.

Where to start with this? The fact that it takes place in a trailer park? The fact the dude was passed out with blood on his shirt? Or the fact that 3 guys couldn't over power 1 guy? And another things, what kind of beer did they come back with? Schlitz? Did he want straight Bud? Did he want a 40 oz and only got the 8 oz ponies? I think this story has lots of holes in it.

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