Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hey ya Big Dummy

Man Uses Debit Card To Buy Drink In Alleged Holdup


Would-be robbers take note: Don't use your debit card during a holdup. A West Virginia man who police say attempted to rob a convenience store instead ended up buying a soft drink with his debit card — ultimately leading to his arrest.

Shawn Thomas Lester, 33, told the store clerk Monday he had a gun and wanted all the money in the register, police said. But the suspect got flustered when a customer walked in and the clerk told him to pay for the soft drink.

Lester handed over his debit card, then signed the receipt "John Doe" and left without any cash.

Police traced the debit card and found Lester, of Charleston. He told police he was only joking when he said he had a gun and demanded money.

He was charged with armed robbery in Kanawha County, according to a criminal complaint.

It was not clear whether Lester had an attorney. His phone number was unlisted.

How would you like to be Shawn Thomas Lester right now? I mean it is bad enough you go around with everyone calling you BY ALL 3 of your names but now you are labeled A BIG DUMMY! Shawn Thomas Lester, you were always destined to be a failure or a serial killer, but obviously you are too dumb for that. Why on earth would you buy a soda, with a debit card, while trying to rob the place? Maybe he was on those Lortabs that the 2 chicks were on while banging in a parked Nissan? And when the cops show up? I was only joking is not really going to cover it. Maybe try something a little more interesting...I was strung out, I was drunk, I was sleep walking, I was under a whole lot of stress from work, the devil made me do it, Obama will bail me out, These god damn Lortabs, I was looking for money for my mortage, or ALL I WANTED WAS A PEPSI.

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